Chiropractic Treatment of Neck Pain

Unlike the upper back and to a lesser extent the lower back, the neck is very flexible and has a greater degree of movement in all planes. This flexibility is a good thing as it allows us to move our heads and necks easily and smoothly.

The downside is that the neck is the primary support and shock absorber for the head, which is heavier than you may think. The dawn of the computer age means that many of us spend hours in front of our screens. Over time, the neck curve can begin to straighten and reduce the shock absorbing ability of the neck and consequently increase the compressive force acting on the joints and vertebra of this part of the spine.

Common problems include mechanical joint pain, nerve entrapment from bulging or prolapsed discs in the lower neck and muscle tension. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore joint movement, relieve nerve entrapment, reduce muscle spasm and strengthen the neck to prevent these problems in the long run.

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