Chiropractic Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Our spine is an amazing piece of engineering. It protects our spinal cord and spinal nerves while at the same time providing a great deal of flexibility and movement to our bodies. However, our spines are particularly unsuited to modern lifestyle and the computer age. The ideal spine has three curves – in the neck, middle back and lower back. These curves act as a spring or shock absorber for postural and  mechanical stressors. Sitting for prolonged periods, particularly with poor posture, tends to reduce these curves and sometimes flatten them completely. As a result, the compressive force and postural stress is amplified throughout the spine. These forces are greatest in the lower back or lumbar spine and can cause joint dysfunction, disc injury and muscle tension.

Chiropractic treatment is based on improving movement, flexibility and function of the spine. Chiropractors detect these dysfunctional segments. Through a process of muscle work and primarily gentle spinal manipulation, they remove them, allowing the spine to move and function freely as one synchronous unit.

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