The short answer is yes. Let me explain why…

Looking from the side, your spine should have 3 curves. A curve in the neck, mid back and lower back. The curves in your neck and lower back curve inwards and are called lordotic curves. Your mid back curves outward and is called a kyphotic curve.

These curves are essential to the normal functioning of your spine and act like a giant spring or shock absorber. They ensure that your spine is in the most energy efficient position possible and distribute compressive force and load evenly throughout the spine.

Due to physical stresses and strains over time, some people may develop an excessive or reduced curve in one or more areas. This can be a problem and may have the effect of distributing load in an unbalanced way, which may cause issues over time.

Looking at the spine from the back or front is a different story. Here, we expect the spine to be relatively straight. There is a very, very mild curve from top to bottom in the normal spine but an excessive side to side curvature with rotation of the vertebra is called scoliosis and can be very problematic.

If you’re concerned at all, make an appointment with a chiropractor or other spine specialist and they will be able to carry out a full postural examination.